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I have this script here:

function MainAssistant(argFromPusher) {

MainAssistant.prototype = {
    setup: function() {
    cleanup: function() {
    button6Tap: function(inSender, event) {

    contactMe: function(inSender, event) {
    launchEmail1Success: function(inSender, inResponse, inRequest) {


I see in the documents you can use recipients but i don't understand how to use it. I know its a pram, but how do i use it. Thanks

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You'll find some hints here at the webOS developer forum.


              contactDisplay:"Your name"
this.$.launchEmail1.setSubject("I have a question!");
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Ah awesome mate. Thank you. –  John Riselvato Nov 21 '11 at 3:28
It doesn't like to use the value:"email@email.com" information. just leaves the To section of the email application blank. The this.$.launchEmail1.setSubject("I have a question!"); works perfect though. –  John Riselvato Nov 21 '11 at 6:10

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