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I am kind of stuck here. We have two makefiles (A requirement that I can't change)

  • : It contains the source file names & their extra compile flags (apart from the standard flags) e.g: C_FILES = c/src/main/rule_main.c rule_main_OPTIONAL_FLAG = +w127 rule_main_DEBUG = TRUE

  • Makefile : It contains all the rules.

Now I want to add a facility so that I can define file specific flags (and optional file specific debug flag) as in :

CUSTOM_DEBUG_FLAG = $($(basename $(notdir $@))_DEBUG) ## rule_main_DEBUG macro from
  do something

But this is not working since expansion of automatic variables is not supported within conditionals. Is there any other way to do it ?

TIA, Saurabh

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I usually take advantage of conditional functions:


Or use call function to define my own function:

debug_defs=$(if $(findstring $(1),file1 file2),-DDEBUG,-DNDEBUG)

%.o: src/$$(notdir %).c
    @cc -c $(CFLAGS) $(call debug_defs,$(notdir $(basename $@))
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Thank you, conditional functions work as a charm. -Saurabh – Saurabh May 4 '09 at 12:52

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