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I am trying to use the 64 bit rxtx serial communication library (downloaded from cloudhopper) with 64bit windows 7 and eclipse. I get the message: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no rxtxSerial in java.library.path. The dlls are in the /jre/lib dir as well as the Windows/System32. The RXTXcomm.jar is in the build path for eclipse as well as in the jre/lib/ext dir. I ran process monitor in the background and and see that RXTXcomm.jar, rxtxSerial.dll, and rxtxParallel.dll are all found and have been opened, So I am unclear as to why this problem is occurring.

Any suggestions.

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Go to Project -> properties -> Java build path ->Find your .jar. Click on + to open the JAR's properties. Select Native library location and edit it to point to RXTX's shared library (.DLL, .so, .dylib).

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It helped, the easiest and fastest way. ;) – emcsIV Jan 29 '14 at 12:54

Windows user : my problem was actually that I was placing the rxtxSerial.dll and the rxtxParallel.dll files in the wrong directory.

In my case, they were in [...]/jdk1.7.0_09/bin/ instead of [...]/jre7/bin/, although paths may differ for different versions of Java.

After all it's logic, if we want our JAR to run outside our IDE, we must have the dlls in our java running environment, not in our development environment :)

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You can install librxtx-java package from repo for Ubuntu.

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Weird thing is, it is installed on my system, yet I'm getting this message. Weird. – Doc Jan 28 at 6:01

Hy, I had the same problem when integrating the RXTXcomm into Netbeans under Ubuntu 11.10. I am guessing that you are not copying the files in the right place, at least that was my problem.

Under Ubuntu java is installed under usr/lib/jvm. BUT here I had a lot of forders (ex java-7-openjdk-i386, java-7-common, java-6-openjdk ...). In Netbeans I check what is the path of the JDK included into the project, it was java-7-openjdk-i386 . so I took the (under windows it is rxtxSerial.dll) and copied it to java-7-openjdk-i386/jre/bin and it worked like a charm .

I hope this helps.

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I have read that as well and I have placed the dll files and the jar in the right place and the process monitor indicates that the jvm sees them. That is why I am confused. – sldahlin Nov 20 '11 at 18:12
This helped me set up Eclipse on Ubuntu 12.10. Thanks. – Kasisnu Mar 10 '13 at 14:50

You can also add a virtual machine argument:




That worked for me. Also refer to this question.

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I was having the same problem even after installing the RXTXcomm.jar in the Java\jdk\lib directory. Based on the instructions at I located the rxtxSerial.dll and the rxtxParallel.dll files. Placing them in the bin directory did not help, but placing them in the lib directory along with the RXTXcomm.jar solved the problem.

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I had the same problem. So I installed JDK 32-bit and added those RxTx files(x86) to Program files(x86)/java/... folder instead of Program files/java... folder. Also I added those RxTx .dll files(x86) to /System32 folder. After that the problem was resolved in my application.

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when using IDE such Netbeans it has it's own directory for the JRE, were you probably installed your RXTX drivers, but when running the JAR file outside your IDE this error occurs... Solution is install the RXTX drivers also inside the JAVA JRE directory which use to run all your JAR files.

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I resolve this problem by adding rxtxSerial.dll[jre 1.8.0_45/bin] and RxTxcomm.jar[jre 1.8.0_45/lib/ext]

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set the build path as jre 1.8.0_45/lib/ext/RxTxComm.jar – A.P.Code May 18 at 10:01
link to download .dll and .jar – A.P.Code May 18 at 10:03

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