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Can anyone help me get scrolling margins enabled automatically when I start emacs with tpu-edt emulation? Currently, my _emacs file (WinXP) contains the line:

(setq term-setup-hook 'tpu-edt-on)

I find TPU works great, and I can manually supply the command

M-x tpu-set-scroll-margin

It then prompts me for the top and bottom parameters, and works fine when I supply them. I tried adding the example line from the tpu-extras.el file into the _emacs file:

(tpu-set-scroll-margins "10%" "15%")

but I get the message:
Symbol's function definition is void: tpu-set-scroll-margin

Help! Scrolling margins are the best feature of all time, and I want them always on!

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Is it just a typo in your question that in one instance you're using tpu-set-scroll-margin and in the other, tpu-set-scroll-margins with a trailing 's'? – sanityinc Nov 20 '11 at 9:37

Aside from the typo question raised by @sanityinc (still open --- you cite the name without s twice and with s once), it's likely that you need to invoke that code when you are in the proper mode. For example, if the mode in question is named tpu-edt-mode, then you do do something like this:

(add-hook 'tpu-edt-mode (lambda () (tpu-set-scroll-margins "10%" "15%")))
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