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In WinForms I occationally have a loop running over a Listbox selecting Items.

During that time I don't want the user to select items in that listbox with the mouse or keys.

I looked at MyListbox.enabled=false but it grays out all items. Dont't want that.

How to prevent selecting items in a Listbox?

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Create an event handler that removes focus from the Listbox and subscribe the handler to the Listbox's GotFocus event. That way, the user will never be able to select anything in the Listbox. The following line of code does that with an inline anonymous method:

txtBox.GotFocus += (object anonSender, EventArgs anonE) => { txtBox.Parent.Focus(); };

*Edit: code explanation

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Can you explain what this does and why it should be used? It's not an answer right now, it's just a code snippet. Answers should be written with future readers in mind. –  Paul Hicks May 14 '14 at 22:07

I too wanted a read only list box, and finally, after much searching, found this from

public class ReadOnlyListBox : ListBox
    private bool _readOnly = false;
    public bool ReadOnly
        get { return _readOnly; }
        set { _readOnly = value; }

    protected override void DefWndProc(ref Message m)
        // If ReadOnly is set to true, then block any messages 
        // to the selection area from the mouse or keyboard. 
        // Let all other messages pass through to the 
        // Windows default implementation of DefWndProc.
        if (!_readOnly || ((m.Msg <= 0x0200 || m.Msg >= 0x020E)
        && (m.Msg <= 0x0100 || m.Msg >= 0x0109)
        && m.Msg != 0x2111
        && m.Msg != 0x87))
            base.DefWndProc(ref m);
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The magic with DefWndProc is amazing! +1 –  Neolisk Oct 23 '12 at 18:44

You may have some luck if you sub class the ListBox and override the OnMouseClick method:

public class CustomListBox : ListBox
    public bool SelectionDisabled = false;

    protected override void OnMouseClick(MouseEventArgs e)
        if (SelectionDisabled)
            // do nothing.
            //enable normal behavior

Of course you may want to do better information hiding or class design, but thats the basic functionality. There may be other methods you need to override too.

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Switch the Listbox.SelectionMode property to SelectionMode.None

Edit As i see setting to SelectionMode.None deselects all previously selected items and throws an exception if SetSelected is called on the Listbox.

I think the desired behaviour is not possible (without wanting to gray out the items with Enabled=false).

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If I do that my loop which is running at that time will not be able to select items. Remember i want the loop to select items but not the user. –  tomfox66 Nov 19 '11 at 22:54

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