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I am a newbie to sqlplus. I am trying to write a simple script to extract data to a file. First problem I am having: It describes the variables on the top of the output file, like

Old Value was
New Value is

I want this not be output if possible.

Secondly, i am trying to write the contents of a field to a file. The content of the field can vary, I have set the Linesize to 8000 but the return is around 50 characters or so. How do i get the full contents of the field?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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To prevent SQL*Plus showing the old and new variable values you need to set verify off:


To pipe the output to a file you need the spool command:

SQL>SPOOL C:\myfile.txt
SQL>SELECT sysdate
  2 FROM dual;



Hope it helps...

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