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my request seems to be empty:

$data = file_get_contents('');
echo '<pre>' , var_dump($data), '</pre>';

writes out bool (false) in the browser.

Got the permissions for my photos as well as photos of my friends.

Trying the request with Facebook Graph API tool

works well, it returned the json object which I would love to have as well.

It seems to me, thats depending on the access_token.

I created access_tokens showed like here: and it worked for some of my test accounts ( I got the json data), but not for all, so I asked myself,

how to create the "ultimate" access token for every user whom my app want to access his photos?

I can remeber a time, when I created an access_token like shown here and it worked for ages...



Added some testers to my app, but still the request for their images is empty, but with one tester it worked, as well for the admin. crazy.

Also checked out the dummy facebook test users below the testers. Went to my app, was asked for the permissions (user_photo, friends_photo), but ehen I wasnt redirected to the page where I dump the photo data, instead I landed on the profile page of the dummy user...seems again that there went something wrong.

Any idea whats still wrong?

Here you can see the app roles:

enter image description here

Sandbox mode is deactivated. All settings here:

enter image description here

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If it works for some of your accounts, but not for all, it might be possible that your Facebook App is in Sandbox mode. In that case, the app is only usable by the FB user that created the app, and any other FB user that you specifically allowed to test it. To check this, go to FB apps console, choose your app, click "Edit App", then "Advanced" for Sandbox mode setting, and/or "Roles" on the left for user permissions.

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updated question...see above please. – Daniel Weiß Nov 20 '11 at 11:07
I suggest you carefully review the protocol you use to communicate with FB; it's easy to get wrong. Make sure that yours corresponds exactly to one suggested by FB for a specific FB SDK. Note that the protocol changed recently. Also, don't forget to clear browser cache between tests. – Darthenius Nov 20 '11 at 12:34
@DanielWeiß Have you had any progress with this? – Darthenius Nov 21 '11 at 14:26

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