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When using the Facebook API to login to a website, can you pull a list of that user's friends who have logged in using the same app id?

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Not an expert with Facebook API but I quess if a user is using the same app, he/she has most likely accepted to share his/her profile and login info with the app, so the answer for short is YES. – budwiser Nov 20 '11 at 1:25
You can record each user who logs into the app and then get the user's friends and see which of them have used the app before. – Michael Mior Nov 20 '11 at 3:02
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I don't think that there's a Graph API method for this yet, there's a REST method though called friends.getAppUsers.

Now to do this without REST API there are a couple of ways, one of them:

  1. User login using Facebook => insert a new record in your user table if not exists
  2. Retrieve the user's friends by calling the /USER_ID/friends connection
  3. Prepare a comma separated string of the user friends' ids to get the users (friends) from your user table: SELECT * FROM user WHERE user_fb_id IN ($friends_id)
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U can look here List the friends and show in your app if they are connected. But when it is not your app. I think you can't do it.

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