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how can i disable/enable dragging, zooming in a 'map' object. also how can i change the cursor to for example a plus sign and then change it back to default.

I have tried these but doesn't work:

 map.google.maps.MapOptions.disableDoubleClickZoom = true;
map.google.maps.MapOptions.draggable = false;
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You have two options how to set map options:

map = new google.maps.Map({ draggable : false }); // upon initialization
map.setOptions({ draggable : false }); // or in runtime
  • to disable the zoom you may try to use minZoom and maxZoom options (set them to the same value as zoom option), or you may try to set zoomControl to false,

  • to change the cursor which is displayed over the map use draggableCursor option, i.e. map.setOptions({ draggableCursor: 'crosshair' });. To change back to default just set it to null: map.setOptions({ draggableCursor: null });.

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thank you so much –  Sami Al-Subhi Nov 24 '11 at 21:23

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