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Given a randomly generated string, how do I convert it to make it URL safe -- and then "un convert" it?

PHP's bin2hex function (see: seems to safely convert strings into URL safe characters. The hex2bin function (see: is probably not ready yet. The following custom hex2bin function works sometimes:

function hex2bin($hexadecimal_data)
    $binary_representation = '';

    for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($hexadecimal_data); $i += 2)
        $binary_representation .= chr(hexdec($hexadecimal_data{$i} . $hexadecimal_data{($i + 1)}));

    return $binary_representation;

It only works right if the input to the function is a valid bin2hex string. If I send it something that was not a result of bin2hex, it dies. I can't seem to get it to throw an exception in case something is wrong.

Any suggestions what I can do? I'm not set on using hex2bin/bin2hex. All I need to to be able to convert a random string into a URL safe string, then reverse the process.

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Is there something wrong with urlencode/urldecode? – Jimmy Sawczuk Nov 20 '11 at 5:34
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What you want to do is URL encode/decode the string:

$randomString = ...;

$urlSafe = urlencode($randomString);

$urlNotSafe = urldecode($urlSafe); // == $randomString
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You can use urlencode()/urldecode().

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