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I'm making a chat server for a class and am having issue logging messages for offline users. The data appends to the logfile as an object, it grows in size as you log more. When I login as the user who received a message it only returns the first message sent. I've spent a lot of time with this can can't figure out what I'm missing.

The input:

 if (exists)
    ObjectInputStream in = null;

    in = new ObjectInputStream(new FileInputStream(uLog));
    Message msgs;
    Object obj = null;
        while ((obj = in.readObject()) != null)
        msgs = (Message) obj;
        user.writeToUser(new Message("POST", "Offline Message from",  msgs.getTo() +" "+ msgs.getText()));


           }catch (Exception e){//Catch exception if any
  System.err.println("Error: " + e.getMessage());

  boolean success = uLog.delete();

  if (!success)
  throw new IllegalArgumentException("Delete: deletion failed");

The Output:

   ObjectOutputStream out;
   out = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(msg.getTo() + ".log", true));
   user.writeToUser(new Message("PRIVATE", user.getUserName(), msg.getTo(), msg.getText()));
   out.writeObject(new Message("PRIVATE", msg.getTo(), user.getUserName(), msg.getText()));
catch (IOException e){
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I don't think you can just append to an ObjectOutputStream like that. I think it would be possible if you do this:

For output, keep appending messages as you do now.

For input, open file as a byte input stream. Wrap this in a ObjectInputStream. When that object input stream has no more date, discard it, check the original byte input stream for more data, if it has more, then create a new ObjectInputStream and read data from that. Repeat until no more data exists in byte input stream.

There might be issues with ObjectInputStream consuming data not belonging to it.

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I'm not sure how to take a byte input and wrap it into an ObjectInputStream. Any tips on this? – Joshua Nov 20 '11 at 17:27
You are doing it, The FileInputStream is a InputStream for bytes. Just keep you handle to it. – Roger Lindsjö Nov 20 '11 at 19:31

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