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I have the HTML code:

<span style="padding-right:100px;" class="tree_list">
    <p>Hover Here</p>
    <span class="admin_tools" id="tree_list_tool">
        <a href="">Google</a>
        <a href="">Facebook</a>

The CSS code:

.admin_tools {

And the jQuery code to execute:

         $('#tree_list_tool', $(this)).show();
    } ,
         $('#tree_list_tool', $(this)).hide();

The jQuery hover function works well on Firefox and IE, but not in Chrome and Safari. I have searched on Google but no the result. Could you give me some solutions ?

Thank in advance!

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Duplicate Question, try searching before you post:… – DemoUser Nov 20 '11 at 7:22
@Sudhir: Actually I have read that post but it didn't help me solve my problem so I create this post. :) – Khùng Bin Nov 20 '11 at 7:31
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Works fine jsFiddle (except for the fact that in the code you have provide there isn't anything to "hover" over) I suspect that there is more to this story...

ps: you really don't need a context if you're targeting an ID $('#tree_list_tool', $(this)) ;)

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