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I'm trying to write a macro in Clojure, but having difficulties. Basically I have a JPanel and a vector of JButtons and want to write a macro that adds each button to the panel. I tried a tail-recursive loop that I'll post later (it's on a different machine and I don't feel like recreating it right now). Basically the issue I'm having is that I have a variable btns that represents the vector of buttons, but the macro function just sees it as a symbol, not a vector. Is there a way to expand it somehow?

Here's the code:

(defmacro add_all [panel btns]
   ;; help?

(let [x 10, y 10
      btns get_buttons] ;; just a vector of JButton objects    
   (doto (JPanel.)
      (.setLayout (GridLayout. x y))
      (add-all btns)))

I would like this to expand to:

(doto (JPanel.)
     (.setLayout (GridLayout. x y))
     (.add (btns 0))
     (.add (btns 1))
     ;; etc
     (.add (btns 99)))

Any help as always is very much appreciated.

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I'll just butt-in and say that with Seesaw (or other UI lib), this is just (grid-panel :columns 10 :items btns). Cheers! – Dave Ray Nov 20 '11 at 14:33
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There's no need for a macro (and indeed the problem as stated cannot be solved with a macro). Just write a function which operates on a panel and a seq of buttons:

(defn add-all [panel buttons]
  (doseq [button buttons]
    (.add panel button)))
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