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I want to request 5 random rows from my SQL table using php. for instance, i need to:

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM catalogue >> not sure what goes here << LIMIT 5");
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Don't you notice related topics with exactly the same question asked? – Your Common Sense Nov 20 '11 at 8:03
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SELECT * FROM catalogue order by RAND() LIMIT 5


For what its worth, Please note that using rand() on a table with large number of rows is going to be slow. This can actually crash your server.

Some Solution:

MediaWiki uses an interesting trick (for Wikipedia's Special:Random feature): the table with the articles has an extra column with a random number (generated when the article is created). To get a random article, generate a random number and get the article with the next larger or smaller (don't recall which) value in the random number column. With an index, this can be very fast. (And MediaWiki is written in PHP and developed for MySQL.)

But this is for a single random row only.

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Is it good to use something like .. SELECT * FROM catalogue WHERE user_type = 'regular' order by RAND() LIMIT 5 ???? – Gucho Ca Feb 20 '15 at 5:32
@GuchoCa, Yes that will be fine. Once your table size grows that you start to notice major time spent in this query, you will have to come up with methods to reduce that, like MediaWiki uses. – Pheonix Feb 24 '15 at 10:38
what about you get the length of the table( like check how many records the table has and lets assume 500K which is a great amount of records) then just randomly choose 5 numbers from that total and after that pull those 5 records from the table? – Ali Jun 1 '15 at 13:23

If you're selecting random rows from a very large table, you may want to experiment with the approaches in the following link:

note: just to share other options with everyone

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Assuming the table has AUTO INCREMENT on you could get the biggest ID with


and the smallest ID with


making it possible to do this

$randomId = mt_rand($smallestId, $biggestId);
$randomSql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM catalogue WHERE id='$randomId'");

For five rows you could create the random ID five times.

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