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I started using heroku and thought I installed a module the right way:

1. source bin/activate
2. pip install south

In my requirements.txt I have:


I also ran:

pip install -r requirements.txt 

Which says that all the requirements are satisfied

So it seems that South should be intalled correctly. However, when I run syncdb, I get the error "Error: No module named South"?

Would appreciate any help! Also seems that there are not many tutorials for actually working with Heroku and Django, would be great if you could point me to one.


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What is app name in INSTALLED_APPS? It should be 'south' (lowercase).

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Yes, I have 'south' in lowercase. I tried both with lowercase and uppercase... –  Riku Nov 20 '11 at 16:04

Did you remember to commit your requirements.txt. I think Heroku installs only the dependencies from the committed requirements.txt and completely disregards any packages you may have installed locally.

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