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I'm trying to make an alarm/timer app and, at least in my head, it requires some sort of loop to display the current time in a label. Regardless of how I would conduct the 'counting' part, I'd still have to actively display the time through the label in a loop.

My problem is that... It doesn't work... I mean I can't exit the loop through my Stop button since the program is preoccupied with displaying with the label.

How should I approach this? GTK just refuses to interact while on a loop.

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A tight loop to do something as trivial as updating the current time? Surely just scheduling a timer to go off in, say, 0.25s and doing the display update once then (before rescheduling) would let you have accurate enough timings? [Done as comment; I don't know how to write this with GTK as my expertise is with other toolkits.] –  Donal Fellows Nov 20 '11 at 9:13
Oh yea, now that you mention it I remember a function somewhere along the lines of that. Finding it is gonna be an adventure though. –  lightburst Nov 20 '11 at 9:46

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If you are looking for a simple timer to achieve this then you can have a look at g_timeout_add. Here is a minimal program to prove its working in a over simplistic case. But as mentioned in the developer page it can be delayed due to event handling and should not be relied on for precise timing.
Hope this helps!

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