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i want to add a Menu Item Type for my component, i have searched a lot but could not find a solution.

Have a look at this picture : http://bit.ly/uqXTqZ

How can i add my component to it and add menus to it, so that when a user clicks upon them, they get added at frontEnd.

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In order to create new menu item types for your component, you have to create a new xml file. To put it simple, if you want to create a new menu item type for your view "myview" and the layout "default" in you component, usually you have to create a new xml file named "default.xml" inside the folder "/components/com_mycom/views/myview/tmpl" (note the xml file has to be created in the frontend part of the component, not in the administrator). You can take a look at other xml files, for example com_content/views/article/tmpl

I hope it helps!

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