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This is first time I am posting question here. I am working on a project and stucked. I am using codeignitor framework.

I am using php as core language and MYSQL database.

Here is my question:

I have 3 tables temp_frds,top_frds_temp and dimensions and structure shown below.

temp_frds (contains, userid, friend id, friend name, friend picture url)


top_frds_temp (contains friends id and rating of friendship)


dimensions (contains picture x,y cordinate and width and hight of image)


Now what this data is doning? 1 st i am saving all friends of user. Then saving top friends of user and putting rating.

Now what I want is to run a query which will find top 50 friends,name, id and pic and then all data from dimention table order by id of dimention table. Here is exmple i need in output:



MORE INFO: and have no relation. The query should fetch top friends according to rating from top_frds_temp and then get name and url info from temp_frds and then add dimentions from dimenstion table.

for example:

After joining temp_frds,top_frds_temp I got

1  john  URL
6  mike  URL
10 mark  URL

now if in table dimention table data is this

1  5  5  200   200
2  5  100 200   200
3  60 300  200  200

The final result should be

uid|name|url| id|XD|YD |WIDTH|HEIGHT

1  john  URL 1  5  5    200   200
6  mike  URL 2  5  100  200   200
10 mark  URL 3  60 300  200  200

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I'm not sure if I got you data model. I assume that the is the

Then something like this should do the trick:

    temp_frds.picture AS img,
    dimensions.xd = x,
    dimensions.yd = y,
    dimensions.width = w,
    dimensions.hight = h


    top_frds_temp ON top_frds_temp.fid = temp_frds.fid

    dimensions ON =

    top_frds_temp.rating DESC


Beaware of the typo in yout dimension column HIGHT, it should probably be HEIGHT.

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Thanks jona for answer, and have no relation. I have edit the quetion and provided more info... in MORE INFO section – Sandy Fark Nov 20 '11 at 10:12
@SandyFark then I don't get you database layout. How is the dimensions table related to the rest of your model? You need some relational info to join the dimension with the temp_frds table. – Jona Nov 20 '11 at 11:02

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