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i am working on wicket, where i am supposed to show my data's under

   <td>Single Player Score</td>
   <td>Double Player Score</td>
   <td>Total Score</td>
<tr wicket:id="data">
   <td wicket:id="name"></td>
   <td wicket:id="singlePlayerScore"></td>
   <td wicket:id="doublePlayerScore"></td>
   <td wicket:id="totalScore"></td>

My Player model class is as: Player class with attributes singlePlayerScore, doublePlayerScore(), name with getter and setter and also a list data obtained from database.

Data from SQLQuery is as;

name        score    gamemode
  A           200       singlePlayerMode 
  A           100       doublePLayerMode
  B           400       singlePlayerMode 
  B           300       doublePLayerMode
dataList == player.getScoreList();

My PageableListView is as:

     final PageableListView listView = new PageableListView("data",dataList,10){
protected void populateItem(Item item){
    player = (Player)item.getModelObject();

My Problem is as: What view i get is as:

Name         single Player Score               Double Player Score       Total Score
A              0                                  100                      100
A              200                                 0                       200
B              0                                   300                     300
B              400                                  0                      400

How do i achieve below view on my webpage?

 Name         single Player Score               Double Player Score       Total Score
    A              200                                  100                     300
    B              400                                  300                     700

Please help me as to why is this happening? I guess my list has size four that's one reason why as to it is rendering the view? So what can i do to get as require rendering view?

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You have to edit your SQL query to something like this:

    (sum(singleplayerscore) + sum(doubleplayerscore)) AS totalscore 
FROM `scorelist` GROUP BY name

This way the scores adds up for each player (column name) and creates an additional column, totalscore, with the total score.

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O You took me out from HELL. Thanks Mate. – Robin Nov 20 '11 at 15:08

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