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Local variables gets placed in stack when method is called and when JVM halts without completing the method, will the local variable still remain on the stack?


void Method() {
    int a=2;
    Foo f=new Foo();
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What do you mean by "halt"? If the JVM terminates, there will be nothing left in memory at all. –  Thilo Nov 20 '11 at 9:57

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No. After the System.exit(0) the system will clean-up the mess.

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When you restart the vm you will have fresh values and a fresh stack. Anything after a System.exit(0) won't be called.

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The Java-level stack will be gone, and the OS will free the memory. However, nothing is going to actually zero it out so the stack variables will remain in that sense.

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There is no stack after the process exits, so there are certainly no local variables left on it, or anything else either.

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