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Using MonoTouch.Dialog is it possible to freeze the first/top row (like a table header)?

Thanks!! Mojo

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There are several similar (but for Objective-C) questions for this on stackoverflow - you might want to read them as some might suggest alternatives better fitted to what you want to achieve.

Short summary: This is not how UITableViewCell works and not even how UITableView - i.e. both the header and footer views of a UITableView[Cell] will scroll. Since MonoTouch.Dialog is based on them it inherits the same limitations (which means Element and Section too).

The most common solution is to put a view before (header) or after (footer) the UITableView, e.g.

parent (UIView)
    header (UIView)
    table (UITableView)
    footer (UIView)

Note that this may not work (or require extra work) if you want to navigate with MonoTouch.Dialog and have only some tables showing an header.

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