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I have integrated Game Center (GC) into my game. It works great, except for an annoying message, which can popup in the middle of intense action, requiring 100% of the gamer's attention:

"Could not connect to Game Center server. Cancel/Retry?"

I don't mind about the message, but the information is not so urgent it has to be displayed immediately. I would like to display it after the user has navigated to the main menu or at some other point. Is there a way to achieve it?

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I hope you find an answer to this, it really annoys me in games! –  jrturton Nov 20 '11 at 13:30

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Delaying the following login call for game center did the trick for me.

if([GameCenterManager isGameCenterAvailable]){
    gameCenterManager = [[GameCenterManager alloc] init];
    [gameCenterManager setDelegate:self];
    [gameCenterManager authenticateLocalUser];

    NSLog(@"Game center logged in");
    NSLog(@"Please login to game center");
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May all game developers see your answer. –  PruitIgoe Dec 1 '11 at 18:05

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