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I am serving quite large files from a Pyramid Application I have written. My only problem is download managers don't want to play nice.

I can't get resume downloading or segmenting to work with download manager like DownThemAll.

size = os.path.getsize(Path + dFile)
response = Response(content_type='application/force-download', content_disposition='attachment; filename=' + dFile)
response.app_iter = open(Path + dFile, 'rb')
response.content_length = size

I think the problem may lie with paste.httpserver but I am not sure.

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The web server on the python side needs to support partial downloads, which happens through the HTTP Accept-Ranges header. This blog post digs a bit into this matter with an example in python:

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Pyramid 1.3 adds new response classes, FileResponse and FileIter for manually serving files.

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Having been working on this problem for a while, I found


to be a great help.

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