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I'm writing a python script that is supposed to manage my running files. I want to make sure that the source and target folder exist before I run it and I can do this with os.path.exists. However, I have a set of foldernames runner<i>. Is there a way to check that there is some folders begining with that name?

For example, if in the path /path/to/runners I have at least one folder named runner:

/path/to/runners/ $ ls file1.txt
runner1 runner35

Then the result is true. Remove runner1 and runner35 and it will be false.

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You could do the following:

import os
if any(x.startswith('runner') for x in os.listdir('/path/to/runners')):
    print "At least one entry begins with 'runner'"

That uses the helpful any function and a generator expression.

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+1 for this. glob is useful if you actually want to use the list of matching paths but a quick non-rigorous test shows this method to be about twice as fast as glob – Rob Cowie Nov 21 '11 at 10:04

Mark Longair's answer is quite fine, and an (equivalent) alternative for this kind of expression is to use glob:

import glob
if glob.glob('/path/to/runners/runner*'):
    print "At least one entry begins with 'runner'"
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import glob

if glob.glob('/path/to/runners/runner*'):
    print 'condition satisfied'
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