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I am developing this Delhi 2009 app with SQLite database version 3.7.9, accessed by the Zeos components. Started off OK - I can create a DB if none exists, create tables and insert records - the 'normal stuff'. There is a little table that contains serial params for a connection to some old equipments and the serial comms handler needs to be informed of connection parameter changes, but the Zeos components do not support events on SQLite.

I looked at the SQLite API and there is a 'Data change notification callback', so I set about making this happen. The setup prototype is:

void *sqlite3_update_hook(
  void(*)(void *,int ,char const *,char const *,sqlite3_int64),

So, in Delphi, I imported the DLL call:

function sqlite3_update_hook(pDB:pointer;pCallback:pointer;aux:pointer): pointer; stdcall;
function sqlite3_update_hook; external 'sqlite3.dll' name 'sqlite3_update_hook';

..and declared an empty callback for testing:

function DBcallback(aux:pointer;CBtype:integer;CBdatabaseName:PChar;CBtableName:PChar;CBrowID:Int64):pointer; stdcall;


..and called the setup:


SQLiteHandle is the sqlite3* pointer for the database as retrieved from the driver after connection. dmOilmon is the DataModule instance so that, when working correctly, I can call some method from the callback, (yes, I know callback is in an unknown thread - I can deal with that OK, I'll just be signaling semaphores).

Good news: when I ran the app, the DBcallback was called, aparrently successfully, upon the first insert. Bad news: some little time later, the app blew up with 'Too many exceptions', and usually a CPU window full of '??', (the occasional alternative was system death and a reboot - Vista Ultimate 64). Breaking in the callback, aux, CBtype and CBrowID were all as expected but the debugger tooltip showed the CBdatabaseName / CBtableName PChars to be pointing at a string of Chinese characters..

I tried to trace where the callback is called from - the call chain passes through in the Zeos driver code, for some reason. Breaking there and stepping through, I checked the stack pointer and it's the same before and after the callback.

So, I set up the 'empty' callback, the callback gets called at the expected point but with a coupe of dodgy-looking parameters, the callback returns to whence it came with the SP correct. I seem to have done everything right, but... :((

Has anyone seen this, (or fixed it even:)?

Can you suggest a mechanism whereby an aparrently successful callback can pesuade an app to later generate recursive exceptions?

Does anyone have any suggestions for further debugging?

Rgds, Martin

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Have you tried changing CBdatabaseName and CBtableName callback function parameters to PAnsiChar? IIRC SQLite expects ansichars here. – Linas Nov 20 '11 at 13:07
I'll try that now. Update - I just tried running the EXE outside the debugger - it was stopped by the OS with a DEP box! Looks just like a return address being corrupted, but where? – Martin James Nov 20 '11 at 13:14
@Linas - OK, yes, thanks, that's the Chinese gone. Using PAnsiChar and the debugger now shows the correct values for the CBdatabaseName and CBtableName. – Martin James Nov 20 '11 at 13:18
Glad it fixed the problem. Note that Zeos doesn't support unicode in SQLite, to make it work you need to do heavy workarounds. You could use my wrapper (, it supports SQLite3 update hooks. – Linas Nov 20 '11 at 13:27
@Linas - well, it fixed the problem that two parameters looked wrong - I can now be more sure that the callback is being fired correctly. Now I just have to fix the crash afterwards.. :(( – Martin James Nov 20 '11 at 14:06

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You have the problems with correct translation of SQLite header to Delphi and with linking:

  1. Not stdcall, but must be cdecl.
  2. Your function DBcallback must be a procedure. Because void(*)(...) is a pointer to C function returning void.
  3. Not PChar, but must be PAnsiChar. For non-Unicode Delphi's it may be not important, for Unicode Delphi's, it is only a correct translation.
  4. You are using compile-time dynamic linking (external 'sqlite3.dll' ...) to sqlite3.dll. But ZeosLib uses run-time dynamic linking (LoadLibrary & GetProcAddress). That may lead to "DLL hell" issue, when your EXE loads one sqlite3.dll, and ZeosLib plans to load another sqlite3.dll.
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Thanks! I found out about the cdecl when I moved the 'sqlite3_update_hook' setup call to a little procedure of its own and called the procedure - the return blew up. Changing to cdecl allowed the procedure to run OK, so I changed the callback to cdecl as well. It seems that it does not matter whether the callback is declared a Delphi function or proc - does not change the symptoms. – Martin James Nov 20 '11 at 20:49

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