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The JavaScript below only replaces the src for one image on a page how can i get it to do it for multiple images on the same page


loadImage1 = new Image();
loadImage1.src = "";

staticImage1 = new Image();
staticImage1.src = "";

replaceImage1 = new Image();
replaceImage1.src = "";


The Image HTML is below if required.I don't mind applying and ID or CLASS to the images either :)

<img onMouseOver="image1.src=loadImage1.src;" onMouseOut="image1.src=staticImage1.src;" onmousedown="image1.src=replaceImage1.src;" onmouseup="image1.src=loadImage1.src;" style=width:480px;height:360px;background-image:url('');" name="image1" src="">

AND/OR is there a cleaner jquery for this I would much rather use jQuery, thankyou!

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You can do it as: Add a class to images , like;

<img class='someclass' ....

Then using jQuery you can select all the images having the same classname, like;

$("img[class='someClass']").each(function() {
   //replace src attribute of each image
   $(this).attr("src", "");
   $(this).attr("src", "your_new_src");

Hope it helps

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If you'd rather do it with jQuery, you can select all the images by name using an "attribute equals" selector:

$("img[name='image1']").attr("src", "newImageSource.png");

If you would like to add a class attribute to the images, you can use a class selector:

$(".someClass").attr("src", "newImageSource.png");

The attr method will apply to all elements matching the selector, so there's no need to iterate over the matched set.

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