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As we all know, we should use set -e to make Bash scripts more robust. However, with this enabled, if the script does fail, is there any way to get Bash to report which line of the script failed? At the moment, I'm having to re-run the script with a load of echo commands.

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The best option I'm aware of for debugging with line numbers is to customise the "+" prefix printed by set -x to include $LINENO.

e.g. at the top of your script:

PS4='($LINENO)+ '
set -x

(Not exactly what you asked for, but it is handy!)

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You could just re-run with bash -x (or put set -x in your script to activate debugging, set +x to deactivate it later)

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Not sure about line numbers, but if you combine -e (or -u) with -v you'll get the line where the error does occur as the last line printed in screen.

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This also works less usefully with control structures - e.g. it will print an entire while...done loop before executing all of it, rather than showing it line-by-line as it progresses. –  Matthew Slattery Nov 20 '11 at 15:46

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