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i have a problem while deleting the child entities, this is giving me the below exception javax.persistence.EntityNotFoundException: deleted entity passed to persist: [com.myproj.test.entity.XYZ#].

parent Entity :


public class ABC implements java.io.Serializable {


 // it has a @oneToMany relationship with XYZ entity as specified below.

 @OneToMany(mappedBy = "abbc", cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
 private List<XYZ > xyzs;



Child Entity :-


 public class XYZ implements java.io.Serializable {


  // and this has @manyToOne relation as below

  private ABC abc;



from service calss iam invoking delete method by passing the entity instance to delete as below.

delete(XYZ xyzs){

 for(XYZ xyz :xyzs){

 // i have the entityManger instance and calling remove

 entityManager..find(XYZ.class, xyz.getXyzId());




now it is giving me the above specified exception. Plase any one help me out in this issue. Thanks in advance.

Surendar Reddy. K

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You need to remove XYZ from parent collection only. You have List of XYZ in ABC. So for delete:

  1. get XYZ from db.
  2. get restective(related to XYZ) ABC from db.
  3. remove XYZ from list in ABC.
  4. delete XYZ.

It will work fine

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