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I am trying to write correct redirection to other view, but now I have no idea

This is my last try:


urlpatterns = patterns('txt2png.views',
# ...
    url(r'^list/(?P<what>\w)/', 'list', name='list-notes'),
    url(r'^search/', 'search', name='search-notes'),


def list(request, what):
# ...
def search(request):
    return redirect(list, 'search')
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And? You did not specify what is wrong with your current solution - what did you expect that would happen, and really happend? –  Ofri Raviv Nov 20 '11 at 15:38

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have you tried the .../list/anything/ ? It is 404, because of your url config. The (?P<what>\w) means only ONE character, so .../list/a/ will work.

Replace that row in your url config:

url(r'^list/(?P<what>\w+)/', list, name='list-notes'),

(a + sign added to the regex)

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Thanks! So stupid mistake. –  TBom Nov 20 '11 at 15:57

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