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In the PHP function below, I want to exclude cat_ID=1

How can I do it?

function get_cats(){
    $post_cats= array();
    $categories = get_the_category();
    foreach($categories as $cat){
        array_push($post_cats, $cat->cat_ID);
    return $post_cats;

get_the_category() returns an array of all the categories that the current post is assigned to

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foreach($categories as $cat){  
    if ($cat->cat_ID == 1)
    array_push($post_cats, $cat->cat_ID);
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foreach ($categories as $cat) {
    if ($cat->cat_ID != 1) {
        $post_cats[] = $cat->cat_ID;

That'll exlude the value as the array's built. Otherwise you can use array search operations to get key corresponding to that particular ID value later on, and then unset() that particular key.

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Very very trivial question. Use

if ($cat->cat_ID != 1)

just before the array_push

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