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i have a simple Update Query that update a single field.

Update tracks SET facility_id = (SELECT TOP 1 facility_id FROM facilities ORDER BY location.STDistance(tracks.location) ASC)

I have a "tracks" table with millions of entries (tracking data) and a "facilities" table (about 400 entries). Each have a location Field (with a geographical point). What i want to do is to find the nearest Facility for each entry in "tracks".

This performes realy bad on MS SQL Server 2008 r2 ... only 16 Rows / second. Same as Denali.

BTW: Postgres 8.4 Updates about 1000 rows / second in a VirtualMachine!!!

What would you opimize to get better Performance?



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Do you have a spatial index on facilites.location? –  a1ex07 Nov 20 '11 at 17:17

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If you dont have one, as a1ex07 says create a spatial index, but then also use an index hint.

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