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I just have a little question about a query making me crazy. I'm working with CI, and tis is the first time i'm using this great framework

1— Okay so I have an insert query working rather well :

$data = array(

 'nom' => $nom,
 'prenom' => $prenom,
 'login' => $prenom.' '.$nom,
 'password' => 'facebook',
 'email' => $fb_data['me']['email'],
 'mobile' => "00",
 'etat' => "1",
 'role' => "1",
 'ville' => 'ville actuelle',
 'facebook_id' => $fb_data['uid'],     

$this->db->insert('membre', $data);  

And I don’t understand why it always insert the data twice ... !

2— Then I got a second question : I just wanna found a user with the related facebook_id so i try that :


echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';  

I’ve also tried :

$resultat2 = $this->db->get_where('membre',array('facebook_id' => $fb_data['uid']));
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';  

But in both case, the only array I got is :

CI_DB_mysql_result Object
  [conn_id] => Resource id #36
  [result_id] => Resource id #61
  [result_array] => Array

  [result_object] => Array

  [custom_result_object] => Array

  [current_row] => 0
  [num_rows] => 1
  [row_data] =>

So the [result_id] is okay, but there is no data (as far as it is supposed to be printed in [row_data] ?) When I simply try on mysql i got the right result with the right member. But with CI, it doesn’t seems to work.

3— Furthermore, when i Try something like that :

echo $resultat['nom'];  

it isn’t considered as an array ..

So .. yeah, I don’t really understand .. If anyone could enlight me ?

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Don't forget to use the result() method at the end, otherwise you only get resource. Like this:

$resultat2 = $this->db->get_where('membre',array('facebook_id' => $fb_data['uid']))->result();

This answers the second and third questions, as for the first I'd need to see how are you calling it - the code looks okay and my bet is you're probably somehow calling it twice.

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Thank You, you were absolutely right ! –  DocFunky Nov 21 '11 at 1:22

1 - are you sure you don't call insert(...) twice? Maybe you can use $this->db->last_query() to see the result query.

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for 2 and 3

that will be work with you

$query = $this->db->get_where('facebook_id',$fb_data['uid']);
$row= $result->row();

echo '<pre>';
echo'$row->uid'; // that will prent user id , you can change to what ever you want ex.  i want tp prent username it will be like this $row->username it should be same as database column 
echo '</pre>';  
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