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I'm working from home and can't reach the server where my Resharper license is hosted, so Resharper is not working at the moment.

Without Resharper I don't see any develepment time compiler checks. So when I type

var test = new NonExistentClass();

I am not seeing any warning until I build the project. I assume this can be configured somewhere, but I can't find it.

Secondly, I am really missing the ability to CTRL + click method calls, variables and class names to jump directly to their declarations. Is this something Visual Studio 2010 is not capable of? I use this a lot and I must say I haven't seen a IDE that can't do this before, so I am hoping this also can be configured somewhere.

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You can enable live error checking by checking Tools, Options, Text Editor, C#, Advanced, Show live semantic errors.

You can enable Ctrl - MemberName navigation by installing the Productivity Power Tools.

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Productivity Power Tools is a must have extension, I cant rate it high enough (and it works well with resharper too) –  Skuld Nov 21 '11 at 6:58
I installed the Producticity Tools. They are quite allright. I like the improved search function. However, while the Productivity Power Tools allow me to CTRL + click method names and class names, it often brings me to the declaration of the method in an interface. Resharper also does this, but with Reshaper I can use CTRL+ALT+B to go to the implementation. I think Productivity Power Tools doesn't offer this, or does it? Also, PPT is not giving me code completion or CTRL+click behaviour in ascx files. –  Julius Nov 25 '11 at 0:12

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