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I am using a wimax modem from greenpacket,model is shuttle-UH235. Since I bought it I searched a lot for a driver that will be compatible with mac osx lion as the driver they provided is built for snow leopard.I asked them several times but they did not pay any heed still now. I have decided to build one on my own using objective-c.Does anyone have any suggestions to get started?I mean how should I proceed,which things to consider as preliminary steps.Or is it wise to proceed to make something like this?A code snippet or explained example will do a great favor. Thanks in advance.

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I checked the about menu of their windows version and I have found that they have used the following libs in developing it:openSSL,wpa_supplicant,BSD.Does it make any sense? –  Md. Abdul Munim Nov 20 '11 at 17:51

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You need to use the Apple I/O Kit to write device drivers for Mac OS X. I/O Kit drivers are written in a subset of C++ that is easier to work with in a kernel environment than either full C++ or Objective-C.

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Thank you!There is an authentication part i.e. only a registered user can login using his login info. What sort of work do I need to do for it?I am quite a newbie in Mac.Could you please suggest some sort of examples or an explained hint? Thanks in advance. Here is the windows driver screenshots,I need to implement same one for Mac. screeshot1 screeshot2 screenshot3 –  Md. Abdul Munim Nov 21 '11 at 16:35
I'm sorry I misread your question as a winmodem question, not a wimax question. I don't think linmodems source will be much help. All I've got left for advice is the I/O kit link. –  sarnold Nov 21 '11 at 22:10

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