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I have been using gnuplot for some time now and

set terminal pdfcairo
set output 'out.pdf'

has always been just enough for me. However, now I am trying to draw really a lot of data, so lines start to overlap each other (x-positions are so close to each other that lines cannot be visualised without drawing one over another). I would like to resolve this by simply making a bigger pdf. Range of x-axis would stay the same, but there would be more points to draw between ticks.

Any idea how to do it? Thanks a lot.

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"Bigger PDF" is realized by the size option to set terminal pdfcairo, e.g. if you're looking at a 30cm x 10cm PDF:

set terminal pdfcairo size 30cm,10cm

From help pdfcairo:

The default size for the output is 5 inches x 3 inches. The size option changes this to whatever the user requests. By default the X and Y sizes are taken to be in inches, but other units are possibly (currently only cm). Screen coordinates always run from 0.0 to 1.0 along the full length of the plot edges as specified by the size option.

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Thank you a lot, I have tried this but forgot about inches. Thanks. – Perlnika Nov 21 '11 at 7:01

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