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i have a QMainWindow that starts a QThread and waits for data from the network. updates UI when it receive any data.

the problem is : it sometimes crash. and sometimes doesn't , all i do i start it and wait for data.

here is the thread class :

class ListenerThread(QtCore.QThread):

        def __init__(self,host,port,window):
            self.host = host
            self.port = port
            self.window = window

        def run(self):

            soc = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
            soc.bind((self.host, self.port))

            while True:

            data, address =  soc.recvfrom(9999)
            print address

            if data:

                dataList = data.split("\\")

                company  = dataList[1] 
                projectName = dataList[2]  
                assets = dataList[3]  
                assetType = dataList[4]  
                assetName = dataList[5] 

          # parent here is the main window(the main thread) : updateCombo is a function that updates combo box inside the               main window 



why is this happening ?? put in mind that the main Window by itself works fine.

the function (updateCombo) is working fine also ( when you call it from it's class).

but main window keeps crashing when i send data ! any idea why ?

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GUI widgets may be accessed only from main thread, meaning the thread that calls QApplication.exec(). Access to GUI widgets from any other thread – what you're doing with your calls to self.parent() – is undefined behaviour, in your case this means crashes.

You signals and slots to communicate between background threads and the GUI in a safe manner.

And please read the documentation about Qt's threading functionality, because the above is actually essential knowledge when dealing with multi-threaded GUI applications, not only in Qt, but in any other GUI framework, too.

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it's working fine now. you are right . i should never use self.parent() , signals is the key , good job! –  Moayyad Yaghi Nov 23 '11 at 9:57

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