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Could someone help me to create a JavaScript function that would turn the string below into an Object?

var structure = 'user.location.city';

When ran through the JavaScript function would return an object structured like this:

user: {
  location: {
    city: {}

I came up with the code below, but the object is messed up:

var path = structure.split('.');
var tmp_obj = {};
for ( var x = 1; x < path.length; x++ ) {
   tmp_obj[path[x]] = {};

I don't know how to add the "city" Object to the "location" Object.

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This SO question might be of help stackoverflow.com/questions/7640727/… –  Narendra Yadala Nov 20 '11 at 19:08

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var path = structure.split('.');
var tmp_obj = {};
var obj = tmp_obj;
for(var x = 1; x < path.length; x++) {
    tmp_obj[path[x]] = {};
    tmp_obj = tmp_obj[path[x]];
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Thank you so much –  Daniel Stainback Nov 21 '11 at 14:36

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