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This is an edit of an earlier post. for a very novice question. I have a javascript function that is getting called with a data object. Data appears to be a json string. However the json string will not parse. How do I get parse this json string? Then how do I replace the contents of a div with value from the json string?

I get the following errors:

JSON.parse(data) dies with "unexpected character"
eval('(' + data + ')'); dies with error "missing ] after element list".

---- JSON string--------

http://jsonlint.com/ calls this a valid json string.
[{"cmd": "as", "id": "#calls", "val": "<h2> Missed Calls</h2><ul></ul>", "prop": "innerHTML"}]

---- html ----

 <script type='text/javascript'>
   function missed_calls_callback(data){
      alert("Foo");   // (breakpoint) This alerts 'Foo'
      alert(data.id);  // This prints 'undefined'

      var object1 = JSON.parse(data);
      var object2 = eval('(' + data + ')');  // missing [

      //  How do I do the following?
      //  1.  divname = data.id
      //  2.  content = data.id.val
      //  2.  Replace contents of <div id="divname"> with content
    And on my page I have div calls.
    I want to fill div calls with
    <div id="divname"> Put stuff here. </div>
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What do you mean to "test" with firebug?

    And on my page I have div calls.
    I want to fill div calls with
    <div id="divname"> Put stuff here. </div>
 <script type="text/javascript">
     data = {
        val:"<h2> My Content</h2>"


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I was just trying to understand firebug some. it says data.id is undefined. ?? –  codingJoe Nov 20 '11 at 21:49
Where do you define "data" on your page? In my example you can see it being declared as an object literal. –  Sinetheta Nov 20 '11 at 22:04
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This was a tricky one. I will answer this for the group and the benefit of those who may have this same issue. The issue was invisible carriage returns inside a json string. data contained hidden characters that JSON.parse couldn't handle. I fixed the json string with a combination of methods to eliminate carriage returns that the javascript library couldn't handle.

------server side-------

render = render_to_string('templates/file.html', { 'tag': objects })
dajax = Dajax()
dajax.assign('tags','innerHTML', render)
jsonStr =  dajax.json()
jsonStr = ''.join(unicode(jsonStr, 'utf-8').splitlines())
return jsonStr

-------client side-----

function my_callback(data){
    var dString = JSON.stringify(data);
    var myObject = JSON.parse(dString);
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