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We are using Apache as reverse proxy (mod_proxy). The most important feature for us is url mapping (simple url rewriting) including rewriting of cookie paths. As I surprisingly learned nginx does not rewrite cookie paths (with factory modules). I am not sure but I believe HAProxy can do this. Apache is too heavy only for this job. So can you comment on what to use in this situation? (backend is a Java app server e.g. Tomcat)

  1. Continue using Apache
  2. Use nginx with some 3rd party modules (lua etc.)
  3. Use HAProxy
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I would investigate HAProxy, unless you are wanting to cache that content as well (server offload). It has pretty impressive cookie support.

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In my experience, I have found HAProxy very lightweight and easy to work with. You can define URL/cookie rewrites with the reqrep/reqirep keyword, which can be applied to anything in an HTTP header request. For example:

# add cookie 'backend=2' for any HTTP method followed by
#  '/img' only or '/img/' followed by anything:

reqirep ^[^:\ ]*\ /img[/\ ].* \0\nCookie:\ backend=2

Same idea for URL rewrites:

# replace "/static/" with "/" at the beginning of any request path:

reqrep ^([^\ ]*)\ /static/(.*)     \1\ /\2
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