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I try to load file from form in two steps, and use BlobStoreUploadHandler. At 1st step I recive form data with request handler, and check it for valid (the form action = "/a"). Then if form is valid, I want rewrite form action to upload_url, where

upload_url = blobstore.create_upload_url('/a') 

and call the post request with new path_info. How do I call request with changed path_info?

class SendFormwithFile(webapp.RequestHandler):
    def post(self):
        if form.is_valid():
            self.request.path_info = upload_url

            return form with error message
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There is a new experimental code of writing files to the blobstore which may suit your needs. Quote:

App Engine allows you to programmatically create blobstore blobs, providing a file-like API that you can use to read and write to blobs

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It is the best way to solve my problem, thanks. –  Raf Nov 26 '11 at 8:08

I'm not 100% sure why you need to process this with a request handler first.

Here's the sample code I used that was originally posted as an answer to my question:

class UploadHandler(blobstore_handlers.BlobstoreUploadHandler):
    def post(self):
            upload_files = self.get_uploads('file')
            blob_info = upload_files[0]

            newFile = StoredFiles()
            newFile.nickname = self.request.get('nickname')
            newFile.blobkey = blob_info.key()


You can call form validation within the request handler for blobstore and move on to different paths depending on whether validation passed or not.

Here's the link to the question/answer with more details: Need help processing upload form with Google App Engine Blobstore

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