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I have an image view and if there is an album cover I want to display it with this method and if there isn't I want to display a default image. But when I run this, it displays nothing. Here is the code:

 //Recieves it from a bundle
     String albumarturi = names.getString("artworkkeyword");
     String tempstring = albumarturi;
     Uri myUri = Uri.parse(albumarturi)

   if(tempstring == null){
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Your albumarturi is not a valid URI. It must be pointing to a valid resource.

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It is coming from here Uri sArtworkUri= Uri.parse("content://media/external/audio/albumart"); Uri uri = ContentUris.withAppendedId(sArtworkUri, ALBUM_ID); album_url = uri.toString(); – Waggoner_Keith Nov 20 '11 at 20:53

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