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here's my code:

I = imread(fullfile(vl_root,'data','cup1.jpg')) ;
%returns a picture of a cup
colormap gray;
%returns a white blank picture

what is strange is, the following code works for me:

    I = getsnapshot(vid);
 %returns a picture of a snapshot
    colormap gray;
    %returns a black and white  picture

from this I can only assume that there is some kind of difference between the two image types, but I can't seem to pinpoint why. They are all

any ideas?

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I run your code, and apparently 'colormap gray' creates a colormap of dimensions 64x3, which are not enough for the 8-bit grayscale image, which in turns makes the colors look truncated. I used

        colormap([linspace(0,1,255)' linspace(0,1,255)' linspace(0,1,255)'])

and it worked fine.

I do not have a camera, so I cannot verify the second part, but perhaps the camera image is a low-intensity one?

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