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I am new to linked list in C and the problem I have is that I am trying to make a linked list of Strings, but when I try to print that list it prints first char from two different strings. I think I am messing some pointers. Any help please? Here is my code...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

int main()
    typedef struct _song{char *songTitle; char *songAuthor; char *songNote; struct _song *next;}SONG;

    int songCount =4;

    char SongTitle[songCount];
    char AuthorName[songCount];
    char SongNotes[songCount];

    char songTitle0[21] = "19 problems";
    char songArtist0[21]="JayZ";
    char songNotes0[81]="JiggaWhoJiggaWhat";
    SongTitle[0]=*songTitle0;//points at string songTitle0

    char songTitle1[21] = "Cig Poppa";
    char songArtist1[21]="Biggie Smalls";
    char songNotes1[81]="I Luv it When you call me big poppa";

    SONG *CurrentSong, *header, *tail;

    int tempCount=0;
    header = NULL;


        CurrentSong = malloc(sizeof(struct _song));
        CurrentSong->songTitle= &SongTitle[tempCount];

        if(header == NULL)
            header=CurrentSong;//head points to first thing in memory
        tail = CurrentSong;//always the last thing in the list 
        tail->next=NULL;//the next pointer is null always

    tempCount =0;
    for(CurrentSong=header; CurrentSong!=NULL; CurrentSong=CurrentSong->next)
                        printf("\n%d: ", tempCount);
                            printf("Title: %s ",CurrentSong->songTitle);

                        printf("Author: %s ",CurrentSong->songAuthor);

    return 0;
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That's not how you're supposed to use linked lists.


typedef struct list {
    void *data;
    struct list *next;
SONG *s = (SONG *)songList->data;

Likewise, for cloning strings, you need to use strdup.


s->songTitle = strdup(SongTitle);
s->songAuthor = strdup(AuthorName);
s->songNote = strdup(SongNotes);

Don't forget to free the strings once you're done with them.

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SongTitle[0]=*songTitle0;//points at string songTitle0

The comment is not true. You're copying the first character songTitle0 into the first position of SongTitle.

Your setup far too complex. You'll want to just assign songTitle0, without any * or &, to the songTitle element of the list's first link; both are of type char*, so that's just a pointer copy. Skip the SongTitle, AuthorName and SongNotes variables, they serve no purpose.

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The three variables SongTitle, AuthorName and SongNotes are array of char, not array of string. You need to change their declaration to:

char* SongTitle[songCount];
char* AuthorName[songCount];
char* SongNotes[songCount];

Then, you need to update them like that:

SongTitle[0] = songTitle0;//points at string songTitle0
AuthorName[0] = songArtist0;
SongNotes[0] = songNotes0;

And when you store them in the linked list:

    CurrentSong = malloc(sizeof(struct _song));
    CurrentSong->songTitle = SongTitle[tempCount];
    CurrentSong->songAuthor = AuthorName[tempCount];
    CurrentSong->songNote = SongNotes[tempCount];
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