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I'm writing a simple program - please see below for my code with comments. Does anyone know why the space character is not recognised in line 10? When I run the code, it finds the :: but does not replace it with a space.

1  #!/usr/bin/perl
3  # This program replaces :: with a space
4  # but ignores a single :
6  $string = 'this::is::a:string';
8  print "Current: $string\n";
10 $string =~ s/::/\s/g;
11 print "New: $string\n";
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Try s/::/ /g instead of s/::/\s/g.

The \s is actually a character class representing all whitespace characters, so it only makes sense to have it in the regular expression (the first part) rather than in the replacement string.

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Thanks that works now. –  kurotsuki Nov 21 '11 at 1:17

Use s/::/ /g. \s only denotes whitespace on the matching side, on the replacement side it becomes s.

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Replace the \s with a real space.

The \s is shorthand for a whitespace matching pattern. It isn't used when specifying the replacement string.

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Replace string should be a literal space, i.e.:

$string =~ s/::/ /g;
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