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I'm sure I have done this before in the past, but I've been in the docs for a bit, and can't seem to find it again. I need to be able to determine at run time in my business domain what context my application is running in. So that I may do some switching with config files, and use the proper method to determine if I am running in debug or release etc. I was pretty confident it was in System.Environment, but I have not come across it yet.

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Very easy method:

bool isWebApp = HttpContext.Current != null;

Works like a charm every time.

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+1 Beat me, I'll delete my answer –  Andy White May 4 '09 at 15:34
Note that I don't think this will work from inside a worker thread that has been fired off by the web app. In that case though, you could probably pass in a preset variable. –  Nathan Ridley May 4 '09 at 15:36

I found the way I had done it earlier finally.

bool isWebApp = System.Web.HttpRuntime.AppDomainId != null;

It's much the same as Nathan's response though. Thanks for the reply.

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