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I have two websites, we'll call them a.com and b.com. I already have a mail server running on b.com. What I would like to do is have any email sent to @a.com to be automatically forwarded to b.com. I edited the only MX record in the a.com DNS settings to be...

Priority: 10
Host: @
Points To: b.com

After setting this up and giving it time to propagate, mail sent to a.com does not go through and I get a "Message not delivered" response from my email client.

Thanks for any help!

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The MX-Record does only tell the webserver where to deliver mail for that specific domain. So any mail sent to user@a.com will be sent to the mailserver at b.com, that does not mean that they get forwarded to user@b.com. You will have to configure your mailserver at b.com to accept mails for the a.com domain.

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Thanks for the reply! I do have the server at b.com set up to catch all emails without a username and put them in one inbox, but the test emails I sent never showed up there. Is it possible that it is only configured to receive emails to @b.com, and therefore rejecting them? I can't test this until tomorrow unfortunately, but I will dig around in the settings and see if I find anything. –  StapleGun Nov 21 '11 at 1:45
@StapleGun: Correct; the mailserver on b.com will reject emails that aren't addressed to destinations on a domain it's expecting to handle mail for. –  duskwuff Nov 21 '11 at 1:49
Thanks duskwuff, sounds like this is the problem. I will follow up tomorrow after trying the changes. –  StapleGun Nov 21 '11 at 1:57

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