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Do I always need to auth the user everytime i want to grant my app permission to use the user's twitter account? can i just grant once?

I used the following code..

public ActionResult Authorize()
    // Step 1 - Retrieve an OAuth Request Token
    TwitterService service = new TwitterService("consumerKey", "consumerSecret");

    // This is the registered callback URL
    OAuthRequestToken requestToken = service.GetRequestToken("http://localhost:9090/AuthorizeCallback"); 

    // Step 2 - Redirect to the OAuth Authorization URL
    Uri uri = service.GetAuthorizationUri(requestToken);
    return new RedirectResult(uri.ToString(), false /*permanent*/);

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Nope, you only need to authenticate once, with TweetSharp or any other OAuth-based system, assuming you store the token data you get back from the authorization process. You can then use that to perform any future queries.

I don't know enough about TweetSharp to post anything specific details about it, but Twitter has a page about their usage of OAuth to help get you started.

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