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I need to write a program that, when minimized, lives in the System Tray, and I'll use Java 6's SystemTray API to do that.

How can I make that application comes to the foreground when the user presses some hotkey?

For example, the app is running but minimized. When the user presses CTRL-SHIFT-Y or something (or, like Google Desktop's search, CTRL twice) and the application is maximized.

EDIT: I know about how to bring a Java window to the foreground. I'm asking more specifically about how to make a running Java app listen for a hotkey.

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I searched for hours for a solution to this problem. Found nothing which doesn't involve JNI. It is very sad that Sun (or now, Oracle) don't care about Java on the desktop. – ivan_ivanovich_ivanoff Jun 13 '09 at 18:20
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You're going to need to resort to JNI, check out an example.

Here's another nice example from Sun's forums.

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You can use the following SWT extension library to create a keyboard hook that can listen for your hot key -

note, that this is windows only (but that may not be a problem for you).

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