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Hi there I'm trying to do validation for a form I am working on, and I have written a function and used

document.getElementById("span_trav_emer_med_insur").style.backgroundColor ='#FFFFFF';

I have tested my function to display an alert message box, for debugging purposes when 'trav_emer_med_insur' is checked the message box is displayed. I have checked here and on countless other sites and they all say = 'color'; is the method to achieve what I am looking for. I don't understand at this point why it is not working, everything appears correct.

Here is the starting, pertinent part of my function:

function validatePlanTypes(form)    {
    var error = "";

        if (form.trav_emer_med_insur.checked)   {
            document.getElementById("span_trav_emer_med_insur").style.backgroundColor = '#FFFFFF';
            if (!form.trav_emer_med_insur_opt1.checked || !form.trav_emer_med_insur_opt2.checked || !form.trav_emer_med_insur_opt3.checked || !form.trav_emer_med_insur_opt4.checked)   {
       = 'Yellow';
       = 'Yellow';
       = 'Yellow';
       = 'Yellow';
                error = "You must pick a plan-type for Travel Emergency Medical insurance, areas with a problem have been highlighted yellow for you.";

I am not testing the full function yet, I am only trying to test the very first if statement at this time, as I said the if statement works and alert("bleh"); will display an alert if I check that box

Here is the HTML of the form where I am trying to change the background color of a span element surrounding the checkbox.

<p><span name="span_trav_emer_med_insur" id="span_trav_emer_med_insur" value="span_trav_emer_med_insur" style=""><input type="checkbox" name="trav_emer_med_insur" id="trav_emer_med_insur_if"  value="trav_emer_med_insur_if" class="form_elements" onClick="if(this.checked){document.getElementById('trav_emer_med_options').style.display='block';}else{document.getElementById('trav_emer_med_options').style.display='none';}"/></span> <!-- Travel Emergency Medical If Box -->

                    <label class="form_elements" name="label_for_trav_emer_med_insur_if" id="label_for_trav_emer_med_insur_if">&nbsp;&nbsp;Travel Emergency Medical Insurance&nbsp;<em>(expands when checked)</em>.</label></p>

                    <div id="trav_emer_med_options" name="trav_emer_med_options" class="questions_hidden">

I have also tried = '#FFFFFF';

Also to no avail, I'm really stumped here, the code looks identical to what I see all over the net. Someone please tell me what I am missing.

Thanks, -Sean

Edit - Just to verify:

if (form.trav_emer_med_insur.checked)   {

instead of

if (form.trav_emer_med_insur.checked)   {
            document.getElementById("span_trav_emer_med_insur").style.backgroundColor = '#FFFFFF';

Does work, so the if statement or function is not a problem.

Complete file here - with getelementbyID not working -

Complete file here with alert('bleh') WORKING -

Working PHP code showing exactly what I'm trying to do (minus the page reload part):

    // Check if Emergency Medical is selected.
if (isset($_POST['trav_emer_med_insur']))   { 

    // If Emergency Medical is selected, then check to see if an option has been selected
    if (isset($_POST['trav_emer_med_insur_opt1']) or isset($_POST['trav_emer_med_insur_opt2']) or isset($_POST['trav_emer_med_insur_opt3']) or isset($_POST['trav_emer_med_insur_opt4']))   {

    $SQLString = $SQLString . "emer_med, emer_med_opt1, emer_med_opt2, emer_med_opt3, emer_med_opt4";


    // If no option is selected display error message   
    else    {

        $Errors[$ErrCount] = "You selected interest in Travel Emergency Medical Insurance  but did  not select a plan-type for it";


// Check if All-Inclusive Insurance is selected.
elseif (isset($_POST['allinc_insur']))  {

    //If All-Inclusive Insurance is selected, then check to see if an option has been selected
    if (isset($_POST['allinc_insur_opt1']) or isset($_POST['allinc_insur_opt2']))   {


    //If no option is selected display error message
    else    {

        $Errors[$ErrCount] = "You have selected interest in All-Inclusive Insurance but did not select a plan-type for it";


// Check if Cancellation Insurance is selected.
elseif (isset($_POST['cancel_insur']))  {


// Check if Visitor Insurance is selected.
elseif (isset($_POST['visitor_insur'])) {

    //If Visitor Insurance is selected, then check to see if country is selected.
    if (isset($_POST['country_select']))    {


    // If no country selected display error message
    else    {

        $Errors[$ErrCount]  = "You have selected interest in Visitor Insurance but have not selected a country";


//If no insurane types selected display error.
else    {

    $Errors[$ErrCount] = "You haven not selected interest in any insurance plan types";

while ($Count != $Target)   {
    if (checked($QuestionNames[0]) != 1);
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Which browser(s) is it not working in? Also, what is the name of your form tag? – GregL Nov 21 '11 at 1:29
jquery is your friend here – Nick Maroulis Nov 21 '11 at 1:30
Chrome it does not work in, just tested in FF, and IE, same thing. Firebug reports no syntax errors. – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 1:37
To GregL - My form is named mhc_form, and it is passed to my function with the onClick"" of the submit button. As stated in my post, an alert box DOES spawn correctly from the if statement, so the function and if is working, but the style.backgroundcolor is non-responsive. – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 1:40
Can you reproduce the problem in a test case? or – thirtydot Nov 21 '11 at 2:14
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Have you tried giving the span a colour from the start just to confirm you can see it?

As your code looks prefectly ok it could be the case that you just cannot see the span background colour.

For what it is worth I agree with the OP that using jquery for something trivial like this is a waste of bandwidth.

Based on your comments I created a test page to simulate yours.

This works:

<span name="span_trav_emer_med_insur" id="span_trav_emer_med_insur" style='backgroundcolor:red'>
some words<input type="checkbox" name="trav_emer_med_insur" id="trav_emer_med_insur_if"  value="trav_emer_med_insur_if" class="form_elements" onClick="clck(this)"/>
<label class="form_elements" name="label_for_trav_emer_med_insur_if" id="label_for_trav_emer_med_insur_if">  Travel Emergency Medical Insurance <em>(expands when checked)</em>.</label></p>
<div id="trav_emer_med_options" name="trav_emer_med_options" class="questions_hidden" style='display:none;'>
some hidden words
<script type="text/javascript">
function clck(cbObj) {
    document.getElementById("span_trav_emer_med_insur").style.background = "green";
else {
    document.getElementById("span_trav_emer_med_insur").style.background = "red";

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I have tried that to no avail. What I'd really like is for someone to take a real look at what I've written and tell me what if any syntax errors are there, instead of just condescendingly saying - 'run debug or use jquery noob'. Well for their information I am quite skilled in PHP and VB and sorry but good programming practice tells me - what I am using has to work. I've used code others have used and it has worked for them. I have run debugging and there is no errors - HENCE WHY I CAME HERE FOR HELP..... – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 2:29
@SC1988 I have added a confirmed fix. – blankabout Nov 21 '11 at 2:59
I have copied your page exactly into my editor and saved it as test.html - this does indeed work. I copied the document.getElementById statements you used, exactly into my function. (which I have verified is to be working by use of alert box). Nothing happens....... The problem is that I need to do complete validation. I appreciate your response and if it was simply single check boxes I had to validate this would be fine. Unfortunately its a block of boxes, where one of 4 must be checked, and if 3 are checked, sub options for each box must be checked. I could validate this in PHP – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 3:08
no problem at all. However I do not want to have to have constant page reloads.... – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 3:08
I have edited my OP to show confirmed working PHP code for what I want to do. With the exception of changing the property color as well as doing an error message. What I don't understand is that I have confirmed if(form.trav_emer_med_insur.checked) {} is working, with alert("bleh"); so why when I copy getElementById code which I have run in your file on my computer and confirmed to work, will not work, when the if statement preceding said code is working.... – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 3:13

Here's a couple of suggestions:

  1. Use a JS framework - JQuery is the popular choice
  2. Use Firebug for debugging
  3. Set breakpoints in Firebug to figure out what (if anything) is breaking
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Thanks for the suggestions but using a framework is far too elaborate for my needs, I just need some simple if statements that change background color of an element (if applicable) or a span surrounding the element when it has not been filled in. As I said I debugged by putting an alert('bleh'); in place of my color change statement. When I checked the box and hit submit, the alert came up - meaning the if is working. Code I copied off this site… at this link, does not work for me, but does for that guy?? – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 1:35

I think what you are trying may not be the most productive approach.

You have two options here:

  1. learn how to use your browser's consoele to find out why your style settings are not working by learning how things work from the ground up or,

  2. go with jQuery which will make your life so much better.

Choice 1 is worth trying, you will learn a lot about what the DOM/CSS structures look like. To do this right mouse click and choose "inspect element" when your browser of choice repsonds look for the console and literally type "document.getElementById("span_trav_emer_med_insur").style.backgroundColor" on the cmd line and see what you get. This is likely to be insightful.

If you want to get your job done quickly, get jQuery and try the following:

First to include jQuery on your page include a this line (there are other sources of jQuery as well):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

in place of the code you were using:

  document.getElementById("span_trav_emer_med_insur").style.backgroundColor ='#FFFFFF';

use the following:

$("#span_trav_emer_med_insur").css("background", "#FFFFFF");

See how these two approaches differ? What you are attempting is to understand the low level structure of the browsers DOM model and what jQuery is doing for you is providing an abstraction you can understand, which is "please change the CSS style "background" to "yellow" for me.

I agree with the other's who have contributed, this is really the best course of action for you. It's well worth learning jQuery.

More on the jQuery CDN sites here jQuery CDN jQuery css call

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Well thanks for the condescending tone..... I understand the CSS DOM perfectly fine and I have copied the code I am using off of THIS SITE, and people have used it and it worked. I will try the jQuery method but perhaps lay off the elitist attitude. – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 2:27
Also want to add, in regards to the code. I realized that FFFFFF was white, and that perhaps it was working and I didn't see anything because the background was being changed to white which it already was. This changed nothing. I have set the background to RED with css on the span element, and am using the Jscript to change it to black. Still nothing. – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 2:32
Added in jquery, both your code and $("span_trav_emer_med_insur").css("background-color", "#000000"); do not work either...... – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 2:33
I appologise if my reply seemed condescending... I have been where you are and it's not fun so lets see if we can fix this for you. First, I noticed an error in the code I supplied you. You were doing getElementByID so change the string in the code from "span_trav_emer_med_insur" to "#span_trav_emer_med_insur" - the '#' char means you are selecting an ID – jottos Nov 21 '11 at 2:48
Sorry perhaps I'm just frustrated and mis-read your post. I will try that. – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 2:52

Your code is correct, if you want so set a background-color with javascript you access (and modify) the .style.backgroundColor property.

So I suppose the problem might be the html (and the styles), check this fiddle I set the backgroundColor of a span that's empty, and nothing happends, but after 2 seconds I modify the innerHTML and you can see the color. The thing I'm trying to show is that being an span, it doesn't have display:block, so if you don't add that style or modify the content, you can't see anything.

Another thing might be that the property is being override by another piece of code, but apparently this is not the case

Hope it helps.

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As you can see in the updated OP I have uploaded my HTML files. Those HTML files both have the span set to RED by default, for testing purposes. The style is working and isn't being overridden. What would appear to be happening is working, valid code is simply choosing not do what it is supposed to do.... It makes no sense. – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 3:22
Looked at fiddle. Pasted exactly what you wrote into my page, using only a different condition to call what you wrote. Nothing. Is my file cursed or what???? – SC1988 Nov 21 '11 at 3:29

I was trying to do this exact thing. I put extra brackets in and it worked.

As in:

(document.getElementById("advert")).style.backgroundColor = "red";
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