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I am currently helping an organization put together their website. Unfortunately, much of the website text and the background on every page doesn't show up in Firefox but works perfectly in Explorer or The World browsers.

I have tried changing the viewing settings on Firefox several times but with no luck and been searching the forums but most people seem to have problems with ALT text and not main content not showing up.

The website is below:

Thank you for any help!

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It seems you have placed a white or transparent text on the white background. It does not show in Explorer. If I take a look at the page's CSS, there is set a transparent color for paragraphs...

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p {color: Transparent;}
p.CenterIt {color: Transparent;}

vitakot is correct and this occurs in other pages as well.

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Thank you Vitakot and Anon! It is odd that Explorer will still show the text on my computer. I completely overlooked something this simple. Thanks again. – user1057029 Nov 21 '11 at 3:41

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